As each child enters Tierra Verde, we form a partnership with you to provide your child with the same degree of love, care and nurturing that you would provide at home.

Circle and story time, arts and crafts instruction, music and group games are given in both English and Spanish, and a large selection of Spanish and English children’s books are available for children to read through the day and also for parents to borrow for home if desired.

As a part of the Spanish speaking environment, Spanish lessons are scheduled daily in the mornings and afternoons for 10-15 minutes. These lessons are taught through music, dance, and movement. The lessons are also taught through puppet shows, where each child participates with using their newly learned Spanish vocabulary.

Learning centers and one to one activities are available during free-play periods throughout the day, where children are able to learn while playing with a variety of pattern blocks, magnetic letters and new and colorful manipulative toys for sorting, matching, counting, lacing and dramatic playing. During those daily activities, the children continue to learn how to interact with peers in a small supervised group. These activities are guided by the teacher with emphasis on allowing individual curiosity & creativity while encouraging cooperative behavior. In addition, the children have ample time for free exploration and play with one another.

Providing healthy organic home meals for children is one of the goals at Tierra Verde, as is teaching them to protect and keep our Tierra Verde (Earth Green). Therefore we minimize the use of paper; instead each child has write and wipe lapboards for practicing their writing, and other materials that children can use over and over.

Diapers are provided for each child, and potty-training and self-help skills are an integral part of the daily program. All parents receive a daily detailed written report specifying the time and amount of food their child has eaten, naps taken, and any additional information about their day. Parents may call Tierra Verde or visit at any time.